Vision Therapy

Vision therapy is much like “physical therapy”, but rather than treating the muscles of the body, it works on the eyes and visual system. We are now accepting new patients to this intensive program.
Historically, health insurance companies do not provide coverage for vision therapy. An initial evaluation is performed with Dr Reuter, and then a follow up appointment provides time to explain the results of the testing, plans for therapy, and goal-setting. The initial evaluation is $240. Therapy is held once per week, and each session is $75. Therapy can last 12-20 weeks and more — time is directly related to each individual’s needs. You or your child will be given visual exercises to perform on a daily basis while at home, to build strength and coordination. The office visits are spent performing exercises, evaluating progress, determining the next set of exercises, and demonstrating/practicing the exercises to be performed for the next week.

Please use Natalie, our Practice Manager, as a resource for vision therapy program questions and concerns. ntaylor@