Rebates & Coupons

Second Pair Savings

Did you know that we have a number of programs for those of you who purchase multiple pairs of eyewear? Savings can be substantial – between $30 and $130! Great for prescription sunwear, computer glasses, or especially for those who tend to have a lot of eyewear accidents!

New Patient Programs

  • -Get away from your lined bifocals. Progressive lenses have come a long way. No obligation trial of the presbyopic fix Varilux Lenses
  • -Complete Eyewear Overhaul – Ultrasonic cleaning, adjustment, nose pads and alignment. (Value 20.00)
  • -Computer Vision Eyewear Design Package – Our experts will provide a complementary consultation and design of new age lens products, in addition to 30.00 off the new hybrid design by Carl Zeiss Optics.
  • -Complementary consultation for Corneal Reshaping Therapy. The safe and healthy way to sharper vision for life.