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Pushing Against Eye Wear Monopolies

Luxottica and the cost of Eyewear (date: October 7, 2012) CBS Network’s 60 Minutes recently exposed the Italian-based mega-company Luxottica near monopoly on the design manufacture and delivery of eyewear in the US and worldwide. The CEO was accused of […]

Overworked Eyes: Will Your Computer Harm Your Eyes?

As a child, your mother always said: “Don’t sit so close to the TV, or you’ll go blind!” But now almost everyone who works at a desk spends their entire day staring at a screen from distances that are most […]

33 Suggestive Signs of Eye/Vision Problems

1. Defective ocular fixation or visual interactions 2. Abnormal light reflex (including both the corneal light reflections and the red fundus reflection) 3. Abnormal or irregular pupils 4. Large and/or cloudy eyes 5. Drooping eyelid 6. Lumps or swelling around […]

Blocked Tear Ducts a Risk Factor for Amblyopia

FRIDAY, Oct. 21 (HealthDay News) — Children younger than age 3 who have blocked tear ducts are at greater risk for amblyopia, or “lazy eye” — a condition that could result in permanent vision loss if not treated early enough, […]

Interesting Developments in New York…

New York state is no longer requiring residents to pass an eye test! Click for the article.